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    Free English Level Test       -   Welcome

    Main Features

    This exam is designed to test your English abilities and determine the appropriate English level for each of the following sections.

    Listening Comprehension

    You will be given about 15 minutes to complete the Listening section, during which time you will choose the best answer to each question that you hear after listening to a recorded text.


    The computer will give you 20 minutes to complete the grammar section of the test. All grammar questions are multiple-choice. Choose the best possible answer for each question.

    Reading Comprehension

    The Reading Comprehension section of the test is 30 minutes long, during which time you will read and respond to multiple-choice questions on four different written texts

    Once you start the test, you will not be allowed to go back to the previous page to change your answers, so please make sure that before advancing to the next page, you are confident that you have chosen the answers your think are the best. When time runs out you will be automatically moved to the next section .


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